Other Communications

Organizational Communications

Vermont Family Forests, Bristol, Vermont

Position: Director of Forest Community Outreach & Rewilding

Since 2001, I have had the privilege of helping articulate and spread the word about the vision and action of this remarkable organization. I help with organizational communications, manage the organization’s website, blogs, annual newsletters, research reports, and other media; and oversee special projects.

I am also collaborating with Vermont Family Forests to write a book, A People’s Guide to Forest Rewilding.

Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative

Position: Communications Specialist

From October 2014 – March 2018, I served as Communications Specialist for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative (LPCI).  This partnership works to conserve habitat for a remarkable grassland grouse species, the lesser prairie-chicken, by providing funds and technical support to private landowners to engage in habitat improvement.

Radio Segments

Earth Notes, on KNAU Public Radio

The titles below are some of the many radio stories I’ve written for KNAU. Visit my page on the KNAU website for audio links and transcripts for several of them.
After a Fire, Chainsaws?, 2016
Dust and Pollen Bring Monsoon Rains, 2015
Migratory Birds May Carry Global Hitchhikers, 2015
Aerial Acrobatics of Cliff Swallows, 2015
Restoring Arizona’s Grasslands, 2014}
When Does Wildlife Need Rescuing? 2014
The Slide Fire’s Mosaic of Impacts, 2014
BAER Program Looks at Wildlife After Slide
Measuring the Night on the Colorado Plateau, 2014
Tracking Climate Change in Northern Arizona, 2013
Sticky When Wet: Caddisflies Inspire Medical Innovation, 2013 
Improving Riverside Habitat Below Glen Canyon, 2013
Sedimentation in Lake Powell, 2013  
Escalante River Watershed Partnership: Controlling Russian Olives, 2012
Bumblebees on the Colorado Plateau & Beyond, 2012
Exploring Fish Ecology in the Colorado River Drainage, 2012
Lizard Parthenogenesis: For Whiptail Lizards, No Male Needed, 2011
Sustainability at the Hubbell Trading Post, 2011
Recipe for Brilliant Fall Colors, 2011
Lava Tubes, 2010