In this project for Ascutney Outdoors—a remarkable community non-profit in Brownsville, Vermont—a Maja and I first developed of a comprehensive interpretive plan in which we identified interpretive themes and motifs, as well as 11 interpretive stops for the 1-mile loop trail. Each stop features an interpretive panel related to the trail’s human and natural history, as well as an interactive element that connects to the panel’s messaging. The interactives are low-tech, low-maintenance, and appropriate for the setting, including, for example, a basking bench for savoring the canopy of old trees surrounding the site, an iron sculpture through which to observe the changing landscape, and a “What’s Your Wingspan?” panel for comparing your reach with that of the raptors that soar on the mountain’s renowned thermals. In total, we wrote and designed 15 interpretive panels as part of the Ascutney Discovery Trail, and designed a Trail logo for wayfinding signage.

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